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Copyright of works

The term "works" in China's Copyright Law refers to the creative intellectual achievements in the fields of literature, art and science, which are original and can be reproduced in some tangible form. Works should meet the following requirements:

(1) Originality, that is, the work must be created by the author through independent conception and creation. Only works with originality are protected by copyright law.

(2) Reproducibility means that a work can be made into one or more copies by means of printing, copying, copying, rubbing, recording, video recording, duplicating and backshooting, but no matter how many copies are made or how many copies are made, the content and ideas of the work will not be changed. *

(3) Legitimacy, works should be in an objective form permitted by law. Citizens engaged in the creation of literary, artistic and scientific works shall comply with the provisions of the law and shall not violate the public interests of society.

Types of works

Artistic works; Word works; Musical works;

Drama works; Quyi works; Dance works;

Acrobatic works of art; Photographic works;

Film works; Engineering design drawings; Model works.

Application process and cycle

Procedure: Fill in the application form Submit the application document Accept the application by the registration institution Examine Obtain the registration certificate

Cycle: 30 working days from the date of acceptance of application for software copyright registration

Duration of Copyright Protection of Works

Copyright of natural persons shall be protected for the life of natural persons and 50 years after their death until December 31, 50 years after the death of natural persons, and software shall be developed in cooperation until December 31, 50 years after the death of natural persons.

Copyright of legal persons or other organizations shall be protected for 50 years, up to December 31, 50 years after the first publication of the software, but if the software has not been published within 50 years from the date of completion of the development, it shall no longer be protected.

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