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What is a National High-tech Enterprise

High-tech enterprises refer to residential enterprises registered in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) that continuously carry out research and development and transformation of technological achievements within the high-tech areas (= the key areas supported by the state), form core independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, and carry out production and operation activities on this basis.

Recognition of High-tech Enterprises

It is a government-guided policy, which mainly supports enterprises in terms of capital and taxation. Its purpose is to guide enterprises to adjust their industrial structure, take the road of independent innovation and sustainable innovation, stimulate enterprises'enthusiasm for independent innovation, improve their ability of scientific and technological innovation, and possess their own core competitiveness.

High-tech enterprises identify 10 major benefits:

1. Funds subsidy, can be awarded 500,000 yuan by the government.

2. Tax exemption, 40% income tax exemption and additional deduction of R&D expenses.

3. Policy preferences, land, rent, industrial electricity, energy conservation and emission reduction and other policy support.

4. Enhance the qualification of enterprises in an all-round way, increase the points of bank financing, and enjoy the priority of financing and listing.

5. Entry into the list of government procurement. Business scope has been greatly expanded. Priority allocation is given to government budgets and priority support allocation is given to government budgets.

6. Forming Core Competitive Advantage for Peers.

7. Increasing Bidding Points and Increasing Bidding Achievement Probability.

8. Facilitating the Introduction of Talents and Promoting the Rapid Development of Enterprises.

9. Declare Zhejiang Zhizhuang to provide further conditions for further declaration of Zhejiang Zhizhuang and strive for more policy support.

10. Since January 1, 2018, the high-tech enterprises with qualifications in that year, whose losses that have not been made up in the five years before the qualifications year are allowed to make up in the years after the carry-over. The longest carry-over period is extended from five years to ten years.

Project Recognition Fields of National High-tech Enterprises

1. Electronic Information Technology

2. Biology and New Medical Technology

3. Aerospace Technology

4. New material technology

5. High-tech Services

6. New Energy and Energy Saving Technologies

7. Resources and environmental technology;

8. Advanced Manufacturing and Automation.

Material Required by National High-tech Enterprise Projects

1. Application for Recognition of High-tech Enterprises;

2. Relevant registration certificates certifying the establishment of an enterprise according to law;

3. Material related to intellectual property rights, certification of scientific research projects, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, certification of organization and management of research and development, etc.

4. Key technical and technical indicators, production approval, certification and accreditation, related qualification certificates, product quality inspection reports and other related materials of high-tech products (services);

5. Information explanatory materials for employees and technicians of enterprises;

6. The research and development expenses of the past three years and the special audit or appraisal reports of the revenue of high-tech products (services) of the past one year issued by intermediary agencies, together with the explanatory materials of research and development activities;

7. Financial and accounting reports issued by intermediaries for the past three years (including accounting statements, notes to statements and financial statement);

8. The annual tax return of enterprise income tax for the past three years.

Main Declaration Conditions of National High-tech Enterprises

1. Enterprises have been registered for more than one year

2. The main business meets the requirement of <high and new technology fields supported by the state

3. Major core technology to obtain invention patents or utility model patents or design patents

4. Scientists and technicians account for no less than 10% of the employees of enterprises in the current year.

5. In the past year, the income ratio of high-tech products (services) to the total income of the same period is not less than 60%.

6. The ratio of total R&D expenditure to total sales revenue in the last three years meets the requirement.

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